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Ricky's Videos

Ricky Martin Videos

Recruitment advice videos:

These videos cover a wide variety of topics from both a jobseeker (CV writing, interview preparations, accepting a job etc) and hiring perspective to help you hire, and get hired, more successfully. There is also an “Additional” section which covers extra key topics including “Learning from Rejection”, how “results do not define you” as well as informative advice on maximising your ability to effectively “work from home” and being conscious on your “Social Media”

CV Support

The Importance of Writing a Good CV

Top 5 tips for writing a CV

Interview Advice

Interview Preparation

Top 5 Tips – Video Interviews

Telephone Interviews

Top 5 interview tips

What to Wear to an Interview

Interviewing Vs Dating

Top 5 COVID19 Interview Questions

Accepting a Job

Accepting a Job


Hiring Staff

Top 5 tips for hiring

Top 5 COVID19 Interview Questions


Applying For a Job

You and Your Social Media

New Year, New You, New Job

Blue Monday is a Myth

Learning from Rejection

How to Work With a Recruitment Company

Top 5 Tips – Working from Home

Results Don’t Define You

Returning From Furlough


What You Can Do - Jobseekers

What Can You Do - Hiring Staff

What You Can Do - Recruiters

Top 5 COVID19 Interview Questions

Ricky and HRS

What is Ricky Martin really like to work for?

Interview with Lord Sugar

A Day in the Life of HRS